Clear Anti-Static Tape

Seal Shielding Bags, and Documentation in ESD-Safe Environments
  • 1" or 3" core
  • 2 mil thickness
  • Typically generates less than 250volts
Use in place of standard tape for packaging and around ESD sensitive products to seal static shielding bags, documents and to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.

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Part No.DescriptionSizePrice
443-674Clear Anti-Static Tape1/2" x 36 Yards (1" Core)$2.55
444-155Clear Anti-Static Tape3/4" x 36 Yards (1" Core)$4.14
444-157Clear Anti-Static Tape1" x 36 Yards (1" Core)$4.71
142-183Clear Anti-Static Tape1/2" x 72 Yards, (3" Core)$3.57
424-830Clear Anti-Static Tape3/4" x 72 Yards (3" Core)$4.99
422-177Clear Anti-Static Tape1" x 72 Yards (3" Core)$6.44
424-831Clear Anti-Static Tape2" x 72 Yards (3" Core)$9.57