I.C. Static Dissipative Hand Lotion

Keeps Skin Moist for Better Contact with Your Wrist Strap
  • Non-contaminating
  • Non-greasy
  • Absorbs immediately
  • Clean room safe
I.C. lotion features a specially formulated conditioner with a blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamin A, D and E. Offers a pleasant fragrance and excellent moisturizing properties that relieves chapping, skin flaking, irritation and skin sensitivity.
Part No.DescriptionPrice
113-3458 oz. Bottle$6.58
160-2668 oz. ESD-Safe Bottle$6.75
401-86216 oz. ESD-Safe Bottle w/ Pump$15.00
113-34832 oz. Bottle w/ Pump$18.43
113-3461 Gal. Bottle$44.82
127-803Pump for 1 Gallon Bottle$4.71
143-892Wall Bracket for 32 oz. Bottle$35.96